Vegan Fox

Model wearing the Vegan Fox The pattern for the Vegan Fox was published in the inaugural issue of, a new online knitting magazine with fun designs. Since then it's been mentioned everywhere, even (gasp!) the NY Times (9/20/03). The pattern is relatively easy, and suitable for beginners past their first project. We're very proud of it, and are offering a kit of the Crystal Palace yarns used in it.

Detail of red fox with yarn closeup Here is a list of the materials included in the kit:

Note that we're assuming that since you're ordering online you have access to the pattern. Please indicate in your order comments if you need a printed copy!

  1. Original copper fox:
    • Splash color 203 [copper].
    • Fizz color 7342 [chocolate].
    • Merino Frappe color 066 [orange].

Fox kit, $35.00 Color

Note that you'll also need

be knitty

Thank you to Crystal Palace for permission to use their original materials.

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