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This listing is by no means comprehensive, but meant to cover things happening around the San Francisco Bay Area, in our usual opinionated fashion. Please write us if you know of something that should be listed here!

Guilds & Groups


  • There is a yahoo group called sfknit, which claims to be an offshoot of the huge Knitlist that's been taken over by XRX, and to cover the entire bay area. They have a lot of messages (read on the web?), including group announcements, and are so far open to public reading, although they censor comments about local shops. Probably a good place to find resources and friends in the more far-flung corners of the Bay Area.
  • The afghans for Afghans group is active in the Bay Area and would probably hold your hand through a few afghans ;-). Write Ann at for local info.
  • The obvious Knitting Guild of America has some nearby chapters (Oakland, Hayward, Delta). They are afflicted with the dorkiest magazine (Cast-On) ever printed, and lean heavily toward Victorian charity-knitting, but may be helpful to a beginner? Be aware that they are -not- a guild, but a private for profit organization.
  • The Crochet Guild of America is a nonprofit with an informative site and several Bay Area chapters (San Leandro, San Jose, Redwood City, Sacramento), all meeting on Saturdays.
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