V-ery easy crochet scarf

This is a very easy crochet stitch pattern that I found eons ago in one of those tattered Mon Tricot books from the 60s. Can't really find the reference any more, but you know it's got to be shockingly easy if I can remember it all these years :-). And it's a good thing to do when you don't want simple double-crochets but don't want to stress over your pattern, you're just making a V-shaped variation. Let me give it to you as a scarf, although of course you can use the stitch any way you want. Let's start with a couple very different examples so you can see the versatility of the pattern.

Wool and eyelash, wide First, my current favorite, made from one ball each of Tekapo (18 mid-green) and Fizz (7121 earth) and with a size J crochet hook. The finished size is 8" x 50" (20cm x 130cm), but you could get a bit more length out of it, I stopped because I wanted to Moebius it and I don't like that too long. This one is 7 stitch clusters wide.

Cotton, long and skinny This is a smaller cotton version, a mix of Waikiki (2861 hot jazz) and Breeze (4016), made with a size J crochet (4 stitch clusters wide). It was made a couple years ago, when long skinny scarves were totally the thing, and one skein of each gives me a scarf 5" x 48" (12cm x 125cm).

Texture details Here is a texture detail, so you can see the different effects clearly,

Stitch detail and another detail which hopefully will show the stitch clearly. Did we mention it's reversible?


First published: 4 mar 03

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