Crochet spiral scarf

Red spiral scarf We like the visual concept of the spiral scarf in Interweave's new book "Scarf Style" by Pam Allen. But the concept of miles of short rows seemed daunting to say the least. Even when knitting backwards so taht the turning is minimized, it'd be a long project composed of very short bits. The obvious other direction to try is lenghwise, but we have real psychological problems with projects where every row gets longer, feeling like we're sinking into a pit of non-ending. The obvious solution to all this was to try crochet, and only go at it for 3 rows. This little scarf gives just the right effect, and is light and warm too. It seems wider than it really is because of the way it falls, and it can also be worn as a sort of ruff. The Little Flowers give it shots of brighter color and a very discreet sparkle but could be omitted. This is also incredibly easy to make.

Same scarf We're pleased to see that this was a good enough idea that it got the actual cover of Interweave Press' Fall 2005 crochet issue! See, you heard it here first :-).


Level of difficulty


Finished measurements

Length: 50"/125cm (measured against the foundation chain).
Width: 3"/8cm.
This uses up precisely a full ball - if you want a larger scarf in either direction, you will have to increase the amount of yarn.



7 dc = 4"/10cm.

Stitches used

US: Chain st(ch). Double crochet (dc).
Britain: Chain st(ch). Treble (dc).
Double crochet = yarn over, pull yarn through work, yarn over, pull through 2 loops, yarn over, pull through 2 remaining loops.


Worn as a ruff

Row 1: chain 80 for the foundation row.
Row 2: ch 2, turn, double-crochet into 3rd chain and then again into every chain till end of row.
Row 3: ch 2, turn, double-crochet into first stitch below, (double-crochet twice into next stitch below)* repeat till end of row.
Row 4: repeat row 3 (each row will be twice as long as the previous one).
Bind off, work ends in with a yarn needle. Do not block.

First published: 31 jan 05
Last updated: 13 apr 06

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